Judith Minter, LCSW
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Creating Authentic Relationships

As human beings, we long for connection with others, where we can be our ‘real’ selves - relaxed, joyful, creative and alive. The quality of our lives is dependent on the quality of our relationships. We are the most relaxed and able to live our best selves when we feel authentically connected to our most treasured loved ones, including our spouse, partner, family members, children, friends, and also to ourselves.

By nature we humans are complex creatures. Born with hard-wired capacity for connection with another, we also come with many needs. From the very beginning we are dependent on relationships. We learn ‘how to do’ relationships from our early experiences with caregivers, siblings and peers; by observation of others, and through trial and error.

The imprint we have formed of relationships is brought with us into our adult lives. At times, whether single or married, we may find ourselves confused, lonely and disconnected, even as we have done our best to have healthy relationships.

Distressing as this may be, it actually can be the starting point of learning ‘how to be’ in relationship in order to live our ‘real’ selves. This is what my chosen work is all about- creating authentic relationships.

Browsing here shows that you are interested in finding ways of enriching the relationships you already have or may have in the future.  My areas of expertise extend to:

Judith Minter, LCSW
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"A conscious, honest relationship can
restore your aliveness and wholeness,
and set you on a path to real love."

Harville Hendrix, PhD.
Co-founder of Imago Relationship Therapy
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